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019 09:22 BJTBEIJING, Aug. 18 -- Washing▓ton has recently announced▓ it will impose an additional 10 percent tariff on 300 billion U.S. dollar▓s' worth of Chinese imports and labeled C▓hina a curr


ency▓ manipulator.These moves have violated the consensus between Chinese and U.S. heads of state▓ on the sidelines ▓of the Group of 20 summit in the Japanese ▓city of Osaka in June, and further escalated trade frictions between the world's top two economies.Since July ▓2018,

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ral▓ly provoked trade frictions with China, seeking to force Beijing into giving in to its unreasonable deman▓ds. Their trade bullying▓ runs against t▓he spirit of free trade and international n


orms and risks hurting the globa▓l economy and dama▓ging the international trade regime.China ne▓ver wants to fight a trade war, but will fight one whenever it is necessary. As China d▓efends its development ▓rights and core ▓interests, it is also▓ fighting for trade multilateralism with the World Trade Organization at its core and a fair environment for glob▓al development, demonstrating a strong ability to control risks and a sense of responsibility as a major country.In the post-war era, more and more developin▓g countries have actively part▓icipated in economic globalization, and realized a rather rap

id development.Such a ▓situation has hel▓ped cut costs, boost investment worldw▓ide and increase the purchasing power of the growing middle-class populations, thus further tapping the potential ▓for global growth, and▓ helping move globalization forward.The United States has been the biggest▓ beneficiary of globaliz▓ation. It has been working ▓to reinforce its economic supremacy through▓ global resource al▓location.America's in▓dustries, relying on their financial do▓minance and technological edges, have staye▓d firmly at the upper 

end of the valu▓e chains, and reaped

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ing development opportunities with countries ▓through expanding im▓ports and foreign inve▓stment as well as the Belt and Road Initiative, which it has created. The initiative provides a new model fo▓r cooperation that promote▓s a more balanced benefit distribution worldwide, and presents more options as economic globalization

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is▓ facing a headwind.However, a Cold War mentality has led some in Washington to view China's rise as a threat to its glo▓bal dominance. Their real ▓strategic motivation in pressuring China on trade issues is to deprive Chi▓na of its own development▓ rights and to make sure C▓hina st

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